Birds of a Feather by Michael Sagato

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Jack Geary is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of paintings by Michael Sagato: Birds of a Feather. These works of oil painted on rough aluminum, represent a continuation of themes that have captured Michael’s fascination and imagination for over a decade.

Sagato’s use of the rough and reflective surface of aluminum serves both as background and backdrop. The reflective open spaces invite the viewer in and are at once reminiscent of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s mirrors while capturing the texture and immediacy of Young’s abstractions on metal.

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Gunjan Aylawadi

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Paula K

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Spindle Bracelets by EVRT Studio

There are now a few of the red and black 3D printed Spindle Bracelets available in my shop! Own a piece of modern architecture for your wrist. Printed 3mm thick in flexible nylon to fit any size wrist.

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Abstract 120514

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"The Hut on Chicken Legs."

Gouache on Arches 300 lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper.

12 x 16 inches.

The second piece in my “Baba Yaga” series. The original painting is available for sale through Hot Art Wet City:

I’ll be making prints available through my INPRNT store in the next little while, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement. 

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12” x 18” terrarium poster

Will be available at Anime North 2014!

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I had a chance to work with WRAP Magazine recently and made a piece I titled Cryptobotany.

Hope you guys like it, detail shots in the post :)

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WE33 (EMEIS33) @ Art-Athina 2014

The project WE33ν is the continuity of WE33 (EMEIS33)which was presented by Artia Gallery at the Platform Project@Art-Athina 2013 by Artemis Potamianou.

The main ideological idea of the team is enabling the “I” in “WE”. It is the condition where members of the team cooperate and work together constantly powered by the relationship between them and the interaction with the surrounding environment.

WE33ν the construction could be described as a synthesis, an exploded view of size 3x4x2.10 m. which consists of 33 pieces of painting made of plexiglass. Through the material, the clear intention for coexistence and communication is highlighted. While the individuality of each painting remains explicit and conspicuous, it is merged through transparency, so as to operate creatively in space.

The artwork is interactive, as it is possible for the visitor to change the position of each painting. Therefore, they create infinite compositions - various combinations of communication.
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